Reef Keepers Fund

At the Northern Escape Collection, we are passionate about preserving the natural beauty of the Far North Queensland area in which our properties are located.

The Reef Keepers Fund is an environmental fund created by the Morris Group that supports projects and organisations that are committed to protecting the Great Barrier Reef. The fund allows you to indulge with a clear conscience, as $50 per guest stay is donated toward environmental projects aimed at protecting and preserving the world’s largest coral reef ecosystem.

The donations will be granted to different organisations working on projects that protect our reef. If you feel inspired to contribute, you are welcome to match or add your desired amount to your final bill.

The Reef Keepers Fund has supported projects that have helped build research, awareness, and education surrounding reef sustainability, and has helped combat issues like climate change, water pollution, crown-of-thorns outbreaks, clearing of forests, and plastic pollution.

Guests will be kept updated on the impact of their contribution to preserving one of the seven natural wonders of the world.


In FY 20/21 we supported the following projects:

  • Museum of Underwater Art – an environmental message about the major threats to the Great Barrier Reef
  • Centre for Future Work – support to raise the voices of sustainable tourism operators working to meet the Paris Agreement goal of 1.5C
  • Solar Citizens – to promote the economic and job benefits in Queensland of renewable energy projects
  • Climate Council – changing the conversation in Queensland around climate chang
  • Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) – Townsville Schools Program empowering youth to lead on climate action
  • Tangaroa Blue – beach clean-ups at and around Orpheus Island and helicopter survey of marine debris on beaches
  • Rainforest Rescue – the restoration of old cane farming land to the biodiverse rainforest in the Daintree Rainforest
  • Sustainable Table Fund – Mackay to Whitsundays – food systems community grants to promote regenerative agriculture and reduce run-off
  • James Cook University – funding four Ph.D. scholarships to continue their research at Orpheus Island Research Station