A curated collection of boutique experiences to capture the adventurer in everyone. Explore Northern Australia in true comfort and style.

The collection was curated with the purpose of giving people the opportunity to disconnect from their busy lives, and reconnect with the natural environment. To take people back to basics and to remember the important things in life; family, friends, food and mother nature. With a focus on minimising our environmental impact and also inspiring our guests to take our ethos home with them.

With 3 beautiful boutique lodges located amongst Far North Queensland’s reef, rainforest and outback, each lodge exclusive by its remoteness and the small number of people they accommodate at any one time, guests will revel in a lifetime experience every time.
Our private helicopter charter service provides unrivalled access to each magnificent landscape, and a luxury super yacht equipped with its own helipad offers the most opulent touchdown and private chartered exploration. A Northern Escape is waiting…


Orpheus Island Lodge is an all-inclusive secluded private island escape in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Accommodating only 28 guests in 14 rooms and located within some of the most pristine areas of the reef, Orpheus sets itself apart with fantastic diving and snorkelling experiences and a highly tailored experience. Each meal is an event within itself at Orpheus with the daily culinary experience including an a la carte breakfast, tapas style daily changing lunch and a fine dining dinner all made using local ingredients.

Orpheus Island Lodge offers indulgence with a conscience and is involved in a range of initiatives to protect the Great Barrier Reef as well as adopting a range of sustainability techniques that have secured the property advanced eco-certification.



Daintree Ecolodge is a secluded and invigorating boutique retreat located in the heart of world’s oldest living rainforest. With just 15 unique rainforest tree-houses, the lodge is as much about providing a luxurious way to immerse in nature as it is about protecting it. We produce our own renewable energy, are carbon neutral and chemical free.

The Ecolodge is the perfect place to relax in nature, offering private accommodation, fantastic cuisine using fresh and local ingredients and within close proximity to Cape Tribulation and Mossman Gorge.



Mt Mulligan Lodge is an all-inclusive, eco-friendly luxury lodge, located on a working cattle station in the shadow of the 18km ridge of magnificent rock formation, Mt Mulligan.

With just 12 suites, Mt Mulligan will only accommodate 24 guests at one time offering a truly luxurious and personalised outback experience. Mt Mulligan Lodge is located on Mt Mulligan Station and will allow guests to experience the day-to-day of a working cattle station in true style as well as explore the surrounding Tyrconnell gold mine.

Activities include everything from exploratory walks, roving the countryside in ATV’s, fishing for barramundi and cattle mustering, to enjoying a premium modern Australian culinary offering. Opening in the second half of 2018, the property is the latest offering from Northern Escape Collection.



One of the most outstanding superyachts in the country, offering the most luxurious and tailored experience you can have in the Great Barrier Reef is Flying Fish. At 105ft and with four state-rooms with ensuites, a spa bath in the king state room and its own personal chef, Flying Fish is the ultimate playground.

With extensive living and playing areas on all three levels feature mahogany fixtures and Versace detailing the yacht offers a completely tailored experience with staff to help design the ultimate personalised itinerary including activities like diving, fishing, snorkelling and much more. The helipad on board means you can spend more time on the reef and fly to other properties in the Northern Escape Collection. Flying Fish is available for day charters and private event hire.