About Us

Northern Escape Collection

Northern Escape Collection is a curated selection of boutique experiences in Northern Australia.

From secluded luxury island getaways on the Great Barrier Reef, to scenic helicopter adventures, and soul-enriching eco-experiences of the Daintree, Northern Escape Collection gives discerning travellers the opportunity to explore the diverse natural beauty of Queensland in style and in comfort.

Northern Escape Collection was curated by Australian family business, The Morris Group with the goal of allowing travellers to experience Northern Australia in its purest form, and to contribute to sustainable economies in the region.

North Queensland luxury Resort

The Morris Family

The Morris family are passionate about contributing to sustainable economies in Australia and sharing the very unique natural beauty of Northern Australia with the rest of the country and the world.

Chris Morris curated Northern Escape Collection as part of this vision and brought his daughter Hayley on-board to help design unique experiences that tread lightly on the planet and create meaningful memories.

Chris together with Hayley and the family, run the Morris Group which has diverse interests spanning the technology, hospitality, agriculture, food and aviation industries in Australia and the U.K and is parent to charitable fund, Morris Family Foundation.

Our Philosophy

We are passionate about making a positive contribution to the local environment and community. We believe that turning a profit and supporting these two areas can go hand-in-hand and so we are actively working to improve the social and environmental conditions in the spaces where we operate and beyond.

Sustainability is not just a word that we toss around for brownie points with our guests. It is a concept that is at the core of who we are as a business.

Our Approach:


Without a healthy local environment we would have nothing. Managing our impact on this fragile ecosystem is a responsibility we place on ourselves as guardians of our local environment. We do this through impact minimization initiatives on site, investing in research and management programs to support the area in which we occupy educating our guests and providing an opportunity for people to reconnect to nature.


We are a family business therefore our culture is that of family values. Our employees at many of our properties live in isolation, given the unique nature of each destination, so they become family to one another. A happy family means happy customers and so we strive to create a workplace that is healthy, supportive, caring and rewarding.


We see an environmentally, socially and economically diverse and healthy community as a key part of our business success. To support the local community and region our foundation supports projects that aim to generate sustainable employment in the region, as well as provide training and support to young indigenous Australians who we aim to become a part of our future workforce.


We want to work with our industry to learn and encourage change. We aim to invest in innovative projects that support the health of the land and subsequently, the diverse tourism industry in Queensland. We do this by working with Governments, philanthropy, community groups and other tourism operators for better outcomes in the region.

Sustainability in the Collection

We call it indulgence with a conscience.

We want our guests to experience true comfort without having a negative effect on the natural environment. So that the natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest are here for future generations to come and experience.

Orpheus Island Lodge

Orpheus Island Lodge is proud to be an Eco Certified Advanced Ecotourism Property and Climate Action Business, having been awarded these titles by demonstrating best practice for our efforts to minimise our footprint and operate with minimal impact on the environment while contributing to conserving the local environment and helping local communities. We have made a commitment to minimising our impacts on climate change through energy and emission reduction strategies.

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Daintree Ecolodge

Daintree Ecolodge is now a 100% Carbon Neutral Property.

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The Morris Family Foundation

The Morris Family Foundation is a private charitable foundation investing in projects and organisations with meaningful social, economic and environmental impact both at home in Australia and internationally.

Learn more about the foundation and its initiatives.